Community and Charity Work

Every year, Transformation Consulting supports two charities in an active way. Employees are encouraged to volunteer when they can and to suggest charities that would benefit from the company’s support in the future.

Our current charities

Friends with Dignity

Friends with Dignity

Supporting victims of domestic violence re-build their lives with purpose, dignity and hope.
1 year ago

More beautiful feedback received for Urgent Request 230.

Thank you to our wonderful Baby Coordinator, Miriam, for being so efficient and amazing.

"Thank you so much for accepting my recent referral ... See more

1 year ago
Photos from Friends With Dignity's post

Thank you to the beautiful community at
Park Lake State School, Pacific Pines, for holding a “cleaning “ donation drive!

New laundry and cleaning products never go astray here at Friends With ... See more

1 year ago

FLYING SOLO - but still want to attend our Magical Christmas Gala Charity Ball?

We have opened a few tables just for those who are "single" on the night of the ball, and when we say single, we ... See more

1 year ago
Friends With Dignity - Sanctuary 394

Sanctuary 394 is complete!

We are so proud to be able to help another family settle into their new lives with dignity.

Rebecca and the team would like to thank the following amazing contributors ... See more

1 year ago
You Can Get PTSD By Staying In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

You can get Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by staying in an emotionally abusive relationship.

If you or someone you know needs help, call one of the below resources:
DV Connect QLD ... See more

Narcissists and sociopaths leave their targets feeling completely worthless. This is the core pattern of their relationships.

1 year ago
Friends With Dignity - Sanctuary 387

Sanctuary 387 Newcastle is complete!

Catherine and the team would like to thank the Newcastle community for their contributions to this beautiful Sanctuary.

Roberta ... See more

1 year ago

From an empty shell, to a Sanctuary for family meals and quality time. All donated by the Newcastle community.
We are sure this mother and children truly appreciate your generosity.💜

Have ... See more

1 year ago
Seven days, six dead women. When will we wake up?

Seven days, six dead women. When will we wake up?
This MUST stop!

SIX women were killed in the past week.

1 year ago
Friends With Dignity

2 years ago already?
A very Big shout out to Grand Plaza and Sam Tolley from Addicted to Bargains for this amazing campaign where we got new pillows donated!

New pillows are a constant need
With an ... See more

If you would love to help support Friends With Dignity, all you need to do is donate a new pillow at the Customer Service Desk at Grand Plaza and to say thank you for your support, you will receive a ... See more

1 year ago
FWD Director Zoe Talks to BBBfm

Thank you to the BBBfm 89.1 in the Barossa Valley, South Australia for inviting Friends With Dignity director Zoe Scharenguivel to discuss all things FWD on the Livewire Connections program with ... See more

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Signal Flare

Signal Flare

Involving the community to help the homeless and others in need.
1 year ago

Proud to present, people! Fresh from the press: the flyer for our upcoming Christmas BBQ for the Homeless and Others in Need. Two-sided this time! Please feel free to share with your networks. By the ... See more

1 year ago

Thanks to some awesome humans this has been sorted. I even have someone on standby. 🙏 thanks to those who shared and cared. We now have shade, chairs and tables. ... See more

1 year ago

Remembrance Day, a day full of emotions also for our homeless veterans who are often alone with their painful memories... You are not alone, we stand with you ❤️

1 year ago

Hi everyone ~ Our wonderful Xmas BBQ is getting closer. Approx 4 weeks to go! Just a bit of housekeeping. Please be aware this year that if you are entering the site or parking, council requires your ... See more

1 year ago

Good morning everyone! This is a post about the food on our BBQ day 😊

The meat is sorted - thank you, #jordanstrudwickproperty!

What we still need : bread, salads, onions, soft fruits, ... See more

1 year ago
ABC OPEN: My name is Tyrone

Here is the special story of Tyrone, who will come to our BBQ with Ray from Help Employment to help our guests with job search tips and more.

Grant and I (Berni) met Tyrone in Toowoomba in 2013, ... See more

Tyrone's story of being 10 years old and homeless is one of survival, courage and resilience.

1 year ago

BREAKING NEWS!!! Tyrone and Ray from Help Employment will join us at our Christmas BBQ for the Homeless and Others in Need providing job search tips and helping people get ready to get that job! ... See more

1 year ago

Hello everyone
Just trying to get another people mover for our Xmas BBQ Sunday 9/12. I may also need a driver. I’m putting feelers out to our community contacts but nothing has come up yet. This ... See more

1 year ago

Pay it forward ❤️

We've seen it at our BBQs ; people come to get help, they turn their lives around and come back to volunteer and help others. The most beautiful thing...

1 year ago

BREAKING NEWS!!! Massive thank you to the awesome Jerome Dalton and Dalton Hospitality for helping us out and hiring a people mover for us on the day! So sorry you can't be there for the first time ... See more

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